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                    About Us

                    Chengdu Newsun Crop Science Co., Ltd. is a biotechnology company focusing on green agriculture. It is a leading technology enterprise of botanical biopesticide in the industry, and also the advocator and pioneer of green agriculture.

                    Biotechnology Research Institute

                    Together with domestic universities and industry research institutions, Chengdu Newsun has set up academician (expert) innovation workstation, Sichuan Post Doctoral innovation practice base and Chengdu industry university research joint laboratory, providing technical support for the company's continuous innovation for a long time.


                      Research on bioremediation technology of soil acidification, salinization and alkalization. Research on bioremediation technology of soil heavy metal pollution. Research on bioremediation technology of soil aggregate structure. Research on organic nutrition and soil microbial environment technology. Research on the technology of plant source, biological source, biological stimulant, organic nutrition and soil microbial environment; reduce the dependence of crops on chemicals, repair soil and ecological environment, maintain and improve the biodiversity of agricultural ecological environment, and promote the improvement of soil quality.

                    • Research on the technology of botanical fungicide, insecticide, acaricide and herbicide. Study on extraction, fermentation, separation and purification technology, preparation and technology of botanical pesticide. Study on the mechanism of action of new botanical pesticides. The application technology research and promotion of botanical biopesticides can reduce the dependence of crops on chemical pesticides, improve and maintain the diversity of agricultural ecological environment, and enhance and guarantee the quality, yield and quality safety of agricultural products.

                    • Efficient biotechnology to break global monopoly. Using the leading patented fermentation and extraction process, the product has unique rapid contact toxicity and ingestion toxicity. A new biological insecticide, which can effectively control Lepidoptera, Diptera, Coleoptera and other target insects, has the quick effect of chemical pesticides and the safety of biological pesticides. It can reduce the risk of secondary pest re rampancy and has excellent activity level to target pests.

                    • Research on regulation technology of plant endogenous information. Research on plant biological regulation technology. Research on extraction, microbial fermentation, separation and purification of plant endogenous information regulation and biological regulation technology. Research and promotion of plant biological control application technology, promote the improvement of plant growth efficiency, improve plant immune function, reduce the incidence of diseases and pests, and reduce the impact of environment and climate on agricultural yield and quality.


                    Investor relations

                    Establishing an open, transparent and win-win investor relationship

                    Learn more
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